1. What is the lowest speed BTCL offers?

The lowest speed offered by BTCL is 64 Kbps.

2. Does BTCL offer asymmetric bandwidth?

BTCL offers only symmetric bandwidth in Leased Internet Access. Asymmetric bandwidth is provided by ADSL service.

3. Do we further lease the Internet?

As per term and conditions of BTCL Leased Internet Access (Broadband) further leasing is not allowed.

4. How BTCL Leased Internet Access (Broadband) will be given?

Generally, we provide Leased Internet Access (Broadband) through normal telephone cable pair (DSL).

5. What kind of modem is needed for Leased Internet Access (Broadband)?

You must have the following modems for BTCL Leased Internet Access (Broadband)

    • up to 128 Kbps- Alcatel 2753 Mainstreet HDSL DTU/NTU modem
    • up to 1024 Kbps- Alcatel 2801 Mainstreet HDSL DTU/NTU modem
    • up to 2048 Kbps- Alcatel 2902 Mainstreet HDSL DTU/NTU modem

6. Is there any discount for Leased Internet Access?

Discount is available for the following categories:

    1. Accredited Universities, Colleges, Schools, Madrasa, Training and Research Institutes are entitled to get 50% discount on total rental charges provided that no commercial data will be transmitted over it.

    2. Government/Semi-government/Autonomous Organizations, and non-profit research organizations shall get 25% discount on total rental charges provided that no commercial data will be transmitted over it.

    3. Software incubators & parks under govt. control and private software exporters (earning at least US$ 100,000 per annum in foreign currency from software export) shall get 25% discount on total rental charges.

7. Can we terminate the bandwidth to any PSTN?

Termination of Leased Circuits to Public Telephone Networks is not permitted.

8. How can I discontinue my service?
At least one month prior notice is required to discontinue services.

9. How is bandwidth for broken month charged?

For long term connection or temporary connection rented on monthly basis, any broken month will be considered as a full month.

10. Is there any provision for temporary connection?


11. What is the minimum charge for temporary connection?

Minimum charge shall be equivalent to 5 days charge.

12. Is discount applicable for temporary connection?

Discount will not be applicable for temporary connection.

13. Does BTCL provide Modem?

BTCL does not provide modem for regular connection. Modem is only rented for temporary connection.

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